Sandy Mount UMC
Church Directory – Access Directions

  1. Via Computer
    – through your browser, go to
    – for your initial visit, click on the words “create a login now” and follow the directions. Note: the email address that you use, must be one that you have provided to us for publication in the directory – this is how you are verified as an authorized user. If the email address doesn’t match, no verification link will be sent.
    – after you click “request login”, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to click on which will bring you back to the website.
    – enter your email address and password that you created, and click “sign in
    – for future visits, just sign in using this same password.

Via Mobile App – If you have a smartphone, ipad, Kindle Fire, etc. you can view the directory through the mobile device.
– Under your “applications” icon, search for “Instant Church Directory”.
– Download the app – it’s free.
– You will then be prompted for your email address (which, as specified above, must be one that you have given us to list in the directory – this is how the directory remains secure so that only church members can access it).
– You will receive an email containing a password (a random combination of letters and numbers).
– Return to the mobile app, and enter this password.
– The directory will now be an icon on your device and will automatically update whenever changes are made by the administrator. Note: If you “sign out”, you will have to go through this process again. You can close the icon without “signing out” though, in which case you just click on it to open again.