From the Pastor 5/8/20

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray this blog finds you all well and safe. As we continue to adapt to a new reality, the Sandy Mount UMC family is working hard to stay connected and to seek out ways to encourage one another. For this I am truly grateful. We have an incredible capacity to give, and many are living into this as a way to share God’s love with others.

Our Thursday night dinners continue. Perhaps you feel these are only for those in greatest need and there is truth here in that we continue to serve a regular group of community members. Some are coming to provide meals for their neighbors, particularly those who cannot or do not feel safe venturing out for essentials. The last two weeks we have had extra capacity, so if you know of someone who might need a meal and you feel comfortable stopping by, please do so. While you are at it, take some meals for your family too!

The Outreach Team continues to seek ways to support our community. Because of the Thursday night dinners we can continue to provide meals to Safe Haven. The Shepherd’s Home is coming each week – one representative takes meals to 12 persons. Instead of pulling back, our operation is actually expanding, all made possible by generous donations of time and money. So far we have not utilized any church funds to provide this needed community service.

If that is not enough, the Outreach Team has expanded to convert the Community Prayer Box to a Community Prayer/Pantry Box. Items donated are left in the open box for anyone to take what they need. Donations continue to support this as we know several sources of pantry goods are not available at this time. There is still a secure way to submit prayers so we are able to meet spiritual as well.

Our Worship Team has adapted well to virtual worship services. The dedication of time and talent is absolutely amazing. Thank you to all those who have made weekly worship a part of our home churches. As we transition through the Phases laid out by our governor we will continue to offer a virtual worship option. We hope you find these services to be meaningful, encouraging, and helpful in maintaining your spiritual walk with Jesus the Christ.

Our Finance Team is working hard to obtain some much-needed funds to help us through this time. We appreciate all the donations that continue to be made through mailed checks or electronic giving. These are helping us to sustain a minimal staff while absorbing the lost income from those who normally rent our space.

Our Administrative Council is meeting more regularly as we navigate these unprecedented times and circumstances. Bible Study continues on Zoom. SPRC continues to seek ways to support pastor and staff.  Trustees continue to address the care of our facility.  Our Youth have started Zoom gatherings.  Our Christian Ed Director is posting to a special FaceBook site to continue Bible lessons and activities at home.  In other words, we are the church!

I encourage each of us to continue to study scripture, tune in to worship services, give as you are able, and know that you are wrapped in love!
Blessings to all! I miss you and look forward to seeing you all soon,
Pastor Kathy

Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”