From the Pastor 5/22/20

From the Pastor:

The church known as Sandy Mount United Methodist Church is not a building, it is a people. As a people, we have continued to gather together for virtual worship throughout this time of uncertainty as we navigate all the issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal remains to keep everyone safe and healthy while tending to our spiritual needs through online worship.

The pressure to open the sanctuary for worship is significant – many of us miss worshipping together. We miss fellowship with one another. We miss gathering for the purpose of serving God together – reconnecting with our family. We are making strides to re-open the sanctuary safely, but we do not have everything in place to safeguard attendees at this time. Processes are in place, items are ordered, teams are working – we are close but we are not there yet. In addition, we follow the guidelines of our Bishop and Cabinet who continue to recommend virtual worship.

Our ‘church’, the people of SMUMC, has never closed. Our format for worship has changed temporarily. While we are not gathering together in the sanctuary, we are gathering in our house churches, during our virtual worship services, through Zoom meetings and gatherings, in private Bible Study and prayer. This is a time of strengthening and preparation – we will gather together again.

Please join us online Sunday at 10 AM or view the service whenever it is a good time for you and your family. We are all sheltered in the love of Almighty God.

Peace be with you, Pastor Kathy